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How to take your business to the next level with live shopping

Jennifer Ortakales Dawkins   

How to take your business to the next level with live shopping
Careers2 min read
  • Live shopping is about to get a lot more popular in the US.
  • Real-time shows let you tell the story behind your brand and products.
  • We break down what livestream shopping is and how to use the technology for your business.

Live shopping in the US is estimated to become a $6 billion market this year and $25 billion by 2023. Originally popularized in Asia, this method of ecommerce is like a modern QVC show meets Instagram live.

Small businesses, resellers, and collectors are using livestream shows to make thousands of dollars in sales. Boutique owners can show off their latest products or auction off collectibles in real-time, establishing a new way to reach customers at home. Now a store located in one city can reach viewers across the country, vastly widening its net of loyal customers.

See how business owners are using livestream platforms to broaden their customer base and sell their products.

How to get started selling on live shopping platforms

You can start livestream selling by either launching a new business or incorporating it into an existing company. Either way, it's important to identify the niche you're serving by looking at what your customers and followers are interested in, entrepreneurs told Insider.

You don't need much more than a smartphone to start livestreaming, but there are a few tools you can purchase to elevate the experience for viewers.

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Apps and platforms to know

There are several apps and platforms that offer livestream shopping technology, but it still hasn't quite reached mass adoption in the US. Plus, building up a loyal following is imperative to seller success. Before you get started, learn which platform best suits your needs and audience. Some platforms cater to niche communities of fans or collectors, while other offer special features and tools.

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Sellers give their tips for success

Insider talked to sellers who average $1,000 to $9,000 in sales per livestream. They gave their tips and advice for getting started, building your audience, and hosting an engaging show.

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