Writing for Insider - Business

Writing for Insider - Business

Insider covers the people, companies, and ideas changing our world - and we welcome outside voices to help us do that.

There are two main ways to write for Insider: as a contributor or as a freelance writer.


Contributors at Insider - Business

On a case-by-case basis, we accept one-off posts from outside contributors that fit in seamlessly with the areas we cover: Business News, Tech, Finance, Politics, Transportation, Retail, Strategy, and Executive Lifestyle.

We're looking for submissions that offer unique, thoughtful analysis, engaging commentary, and authoritative advice. Our contributors are often high-profile experts and thought leaders in their fields: professors, investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, attorneys, consultants, authors, professional service providers, technologists, and engineers.

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Contributor articles must be original and exclusive to Insider, though we are willing to republish blog posts or articles that you retain the rights to as part of our Syndication program. We do not accept promotional or sponsored posts; you should always disclose any conflicts of interest. Contributors at Insider are not paid.

Freelance writers at Insider - Business

Freelance writers are professional writers we pay to write assigned articles for us. Insider may assign you a story, or you may pitch your ideas to us.


We welcome pitches of personal essays, as-told-tos, diaries, profiles, how-tos, reported features, and more. Our best advice for deciding what to pitch: Read the site. Get a feel for the types of stories we run. Don't pitch stories we've already written. Be creative.

Freelance writers are paid for their work. Rates vary and are determined by a variety of factors including the amount of reporting and research involved, the length of the article, and the experience of the writer. All freelance pitches must be exclusive to Insider. We do not accept promotional or sponsored posts; you should always disclose any conflicts of interest. If we accept your pitch, your rate will be determined in a discussion between you and your editor via email.

Our policies: What to know

  • All writers - both contributors and paid freelance writers - must sign a contract when a piece is accepted. Contracts are renewed every year and may cover more than one assignment.
  • Expect editorial revisions to be part of the process. We may ask for edits, additions, or clarifications to your article and we will ask you for tangible proof - including emails, screenshots, or documentation - to verify any facts or claims.
  • If your piece is chosen to be published on Insider, we may ask you for a headshot, a bio, and proof of your credentials.
  • Insider makes all final decisions around headlines. We have a team of editors who have mastered what types of headlines resonate with our readers while maintaining fairness and accuracy. We reserve the right to update or change a headline to help your article reach the widest audience possible.

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