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I improved my work-life balance by getting rid of negative thinking - here are 7 daily habits that helped me do it

Peggy Caruso   

I improved my work-life balance by getting rid of negative thinking - here are 7 daily habits that helped me do it
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  • Peggy Caruso is an author, executive and personal development coach, and founder and host of "The Revolutionize Podcast."
  • She encourages her coaching clients to practice good daily habits that prioritize their personal and career goals.
  • Caruso says every professional should schedule personal time on their to-do list, bring self-awareness to negative thoughts, and express gratitude for the goods things in instead of fixating on the bad.

It can be challenging to be fully active in all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally, while avoiding unhealthy and negative behavior. Because of this, there are many people who stay so focused on their day-to-day routines and obligations that they miss very important signs of stress that can affect their career and family.

Peggy Caruso
Peggy Caruso.      Peggy Caruso

After an early life filled with abuse, financial challenges, tragedy, and being solely responsible financially and emotionally for two children, I found myself overwhelmed by the negatives in my life. It took years of dedication, hard work, and education to break the cycle and master my career and personal life.

The first step in my journey was becoming aware of what I needed to change.

I implemented good habits like journaling, meditation, positive affirmations, and gratitude. I learned different techniques to first tackle my own problems, techniques I now share with my life coaching clients to help them reach positive growth in their own lives. Through my journey, I became a best-selling author and a successful business owner - professional accomplishments that wouldn't have been possible without changing my negative mindset and finding a healthy work-life balance.

In order to tackle negative thinking patterns, I encourage my clients to bring awareness of their thoughts and behaviors. Once you identify the saboteurs in your life, you can create a strategic plan of action toward positive growth. Here are seven tips anyone can use to begin to improve work-life balance:

1. Invite yourself to dinner

It's important to be able to disconnect from work once you finish the workday. After you log off, silence your phone and work devices. If you live with others, plan a family or roommate dinner where you can gather in a calm environment and enjoy nonwork-related conversations. This is a great opportunity to hear about everyone's day, brainstorm to solve problems, and enjoy a relaxing moment with those you care about.

2. Stand up and deliver

We all need some type of accountability to keep us focused and on track. Find an accountability partner or measure to ensure you reach your goals. Choose a partner who can provide the feedback you need to stay motivated. If a partner doesn't work, use an accountability measure system. For an example, you can create a chart or visual aid to help you track your progress. Having a visual aid can often help motivate you and assist with celebrating your wins.

3. Create personal and professional goals

We all need short and long term goals, both personally and professionally. To create a short-term goal, write your idea down and the time-frame in which you need to accomplish it, and then share it with someone who can help you stay focused and on track. Once you achieve a short-term goal, you'll become more motivated and it will be easier to set a longer and more difficult one. Goals serve as a great personal map to help with your long-term organization of what you want to achieve in life.

4. Put yourself on your to-do list

Being able to put yourself on your to-do list means that eliminating things that interfere with your priority of self-care and alone time. Creating personal time for yourself is healthy and will assist with creating balance at work and bringing harmony into your home.

5. Take a coffee break

Diving right into the workday can put us in a hurried state. Taking a coffee break isn't about the cup of coffee; it's about finding extra time to indulge in the moment and create a sense of calm. Taking mini breaks will help you get more done in the long run and boost your daily productivity.

6. Show appreciation to your loved ones or significant other

Begin by expressing gratitude for their efforts, whether they unloaded the dishwasher or sent you a birthday card. Gratitude improves relationships by reducing a multitude of toxic emotions ranging from anger to jealousy to resentment. It also boosts happiness, reduces depression, and increases the desire for self-improvement.

7. Break the negativity chain

If you're feeling down, take small steps to try to get yourself into a positive energy flow. Negativity is a dominant emotion, therefore you need to work harder to become positive. Begin by bringing self-awareness to the negativity you're feeling. Once you recognize how often you have negative thoughts and what causes them, you can begin to adjust how you react to them. Keep your mind focused on what is right in your life instead of what is wrong.

Your home life affects your career, and your career affects your home life. Continually working on how you combat negative thinking can make you more successful in all aspects of our life.

Peggy Caruso is an author and certified executive and personal development coach. An NLP master practitioner and a relaxation therapist, she is also an eight-time entrepreneur with nearly three decades of experience. Caruso is also the founder and host of "The Revolutionize Podcast." Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and through her website.