PRESENTING: The best advice on leadership from Jocko Willink, the retired Navy SEAL commander of one of America's most decorated special ops teams

PRESENTING: The best advice on leadership from Jocko Willink, the retired Navy SEAL commander of one of America's most decorated special ops teams
Jocko Willink
  • Jocko Willink is a former Navy SEAL commander turned best-selling author, podcast host, and leadership consultant. His latest book is "Leadership Strategy and Tactics."
  • Willink's leadership style is based on the subordination of ego and taking ownership of everything that happens under your watch.
  • He advocates building personal discipline through the implementation of closely held routines.
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Since retiring from the US Navy SEALs in 2010, Jocko Willink has become a hugely popular public figure.


He and his fellow SEAL commander Leif Babin have built a leadership consulting firm, Echelon Front, that has worked with more than 750 businesses and organizations. He also has one of the top leadership podcasts, and he's a repeat best-selling author.

On first glance, you may take Willink's gruff exterior and penchant for posting bleak black-and-white photos online to mean that his leadership style is about intimidating your team into submission - that couldn't be further from the truth.

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Instead, his leadership principles are based upon humility and open communication with your reports. We've interviewed Willink many times over the past few years, and his anecdotes from both the battlefield and office conference rooms consistently yield clear, actionable insights. We've collected some of our favorites here, which together make a handy leadership guide.

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