SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love

SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love
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  • You don't always need to quit your job to enjoy work more. Small changes can make a big impact.
  • In this webinar, you'll hear from a workplace consultant and the author of "Don't Call It Quits."

Millions of workers left their jobs in the Great Resignation, in search of an opportunity that better fit their interests, values, or lifestyle. When you're miserable at work, it's easy to fantasize about doing the same. But what if a career overhaul wasn't the only option? What if you could make some simple changes that would help you tolerate — or even enjoy — your job?



On September 14th at 2:00pm ET, join Insider correspondent Shana Lebowitz Gaynor, author of "Don't Call It Quits: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love," and Al Dea, founder of the workplace consultancy Betterwork Labs, for a live discussion about reshaping your career without changing positions. It's a conversation that will benefit professionals considering their next career move and business leaders adapting their talent strategy.

Speakers include:

  • Shana Lebowitz Gaynor, Correspondent, Insider
  • Al Dea, Founder, Betterwork Labs
  • Ebony Flake, C-Suite Reporter, Insider

We hope to see you there! You can sign up here.

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