Technology is changing organisations and culture has to keep pace with it

Technology is changing organisations and culture has to keep pace with it
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The last 18 months have been a testament to businesses’ increasing reliance on technology and automation, to not only survive but also to thrive.

In the initial rush to digitise processes, and to enable people to work remotely, and getting more done with fewer hands, the cultural characteristics of an organisation were a natural casualty. While algorithms were speeding things up, lack of physical proximity, challenges of remote work, including the lack of familiarity with new teammates, were slowing things down.

If the likely future of work is going to be more remote or hybrid (less frequent visits to office wherever possible), the ways to hold up an organisation’s culture, and ensuring that every member of the team sticks to the values that define the company, are yet to be fortified.

Businesses have tried to replicate the office atmosphere in the form of Zoom gatherings, happy hours, and virtual onboarding sessions. The experience of these may be different from one firm to another. You can hear some of these stories at Business Insider’s Future of Work Summit 2021 on September 15 and 16.

It takes years to evolve a company culture that values the well-being of the people, and fosters a feeling of belongingness in them. And it requires constant monitoring to protect it.


In light of this, we foresee businesses taking stock of employees’ needs via open communication.

To ensure that productivity levels don’t wane over time and the employees keep feeling motivated, organizations need to continuously invest in their employees’ futures and provide them with opportunities and tools that would help them transition to another job or industry with ease or grow in the current one.

This intangible culture of an organisation is crucial to create a sense of belongingness among employees. Top executives from some of the biggest companies in India and the world, founders like Sanjeev Bikhchandani Info Edge and Ronnie Screwvala from UpGrad, as well as renowned researchers and academics from the field will be there at the Future of Work Summit exchanging lessons and ideas for a new era of organisation building that is upon us now.

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