These jobs may disappear in the coming years with the advancement in technology

These jobs may disappear in the coming years with the advancement in technology
Technology is advancing by the minute. This is good news because we are advancing as a race. However, it isn’t really good news for those whose jobs are on the way to redundancy because of technology. This is why it is important for all individuals to evolve and update their skills because change is constant. The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts some occupations to lose a large number of jobs between 2016 and 2026. Let’s take a look at some of the jobs that might disappear in the near future.


Today, it is so easy to buy everything that you need online. There’s no need to step out of the house, go to the store and deal with those long queues. Even if you do go to the store, there are self-checkout counters that help you to swipe your credit card just like how you would do online. Thus, approximately 36,000 cashiers might lose their jobs because of online shopping and Self-checkout stands.

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Bank Tellers:

Technology has made it possible for us to complete all our banking activities online. We have ATMs for cash withdrawals, and internet banking and mobile banking for fund transfers, credit card payments and EMI payments. You can even apply for a loan without having to visit the bank. These online banking systems have made life easy for the customers but may cost 41,800 bank tellers their jobs.


Postal Service Workers:

There are some postal companies in developed countries that have advanced machines that can process and sort mail. This technology is slowly reaching the rest of the world as well. Around 65,300 postal service workers might be replaced by these machines that can process and sort mail.


Earlier, the job of an assembler was pretty important. Every consumer product was manufactured in parts and assembled in factories by the assemblers. However, advances in 3D printing and robotics will affect estimates of as many as 145,000 assembler jobs.

Administrative Staff:

Managers and other members of the top management don’t need secretaries any more to reply to their emails and manage their calendars. Smartphones and apps have made it possible for all employees to manage their travels, meetings, schedules and emails. This means that administration as a department is on its way to redundancy. The medical field remains an exception. 321,200 administrative assistants on an average will be out of work.