scorecardIn a first for Indian actors, Vishal Malhotra sells NFT for $5500
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In a first for Indian actors, Vishal Malhotra sells NFT for $5500

In a first for Indian actors, Vishal Malhotra sells NFT for $5500
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TV host and actor Vishal Malhotra has collaborated with artist Ishita Banerjee to release an Non Fungible Token (NFT). He is the first Indian actor to collaborate with an artist to do so. The art is a depiction of Vishal's 25 years in Bollywood and the most popular characters he has portrayed over these years. The NFT was sold for 2.5 ETH.

Non Fungible Token is a form on an online art gallery where sale happens through cryptocurrency.

The animated piece is knit with background music featuring Vishal's voice. The interest started coming in within 11 seconds and the first bid was made within 45 minutes after the auction went live. Along with the NFT, the buyer gets a live chat with Vishal and a possible Meet and Greet session, depending on the Covid situation.

"(I am) Excited to collaborate with an NFT artist as the first Indian actor, where I am the subject of the art piece that depicts the characters I have played in my journey as an actor. I have lent my voice in the background music of the artwork as well," Vishal tells IANS.

He is thrilled about meeting people who win the bid, for a live video chat session.

"What's interesting is that it also helps me connect with people who buy the collection. They get a chance for a Meet and Greet depending on the Covid situation or get an interaction live/online session. A bid that started at approx 0.5 eth (700 USD) finally sold within 24 hours for 2.5 eth (5500 USD) -- that's five times the listed price. The buzz around this historic NFT drop was so much that it created an intense bidding war. My next NFT drops early next week and I've already been getting messages with bids," he says.

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