Darkweb for newbees: Hacking & Marketplaces

The Deep Web is the 96 percent of internet you’re not allowed to access, Dark web being a part of it can be accessed. Accessing is not a problem, being tracked is the problem. As it’s illegal to browse certain parts, just be a little careful (you’re just one step away from accessing pedo-porn and drugs).

The Deep Web is a very colourful and diverse place. One thing is for sure though – you need to have a strong stomach if you want to browse. There are things there that once seen can’t be unseen… So thread carefully!

We had previously explained how to access the Dark Web, this post will throw light on the darkest parts of the web. Where to find what you want and how to access the place you want will be the main core of the post.

What do you need?


0day forum

Forum about hacking, marketplace for Accounts, Security Services. Tutorials and Payment Systems



files & projects related to: crypto-tribes, phyles, crypto-anarchy, agorism provider of darknet services


Banner Unknow

Spanish site about hacking with many codes.


Marketplaces & Stores


This page sells LSD, HCL pure and DMT Freebase. All products are tested by some laboratory.



They are a group of growers located in the UK. Prices in Bitcoin or Euro, Shipping fee is 5 GBP.



Here you can get PayPal, Ebay, CCs and CVV2 accounts for bitcoints and USD



Want an iphone 7 (unlocked) almost half the price—this is the place. From Samsung, Asus, DSLR cameras, macbooks or anything else, you’ll get it here.


*Use these links at your own risk
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