All about the Agnipath recruitment scheme for the armed forces

All about the Agnipath recruitment scheme for the armed forces
  • This scheme is likely to change the structure of the armed forces.
  • Around 45,000-50,000 people will be recruited under the scheme.
  • 25% of the candidates will be re-enrolled after 4 years.
The Cabinet Committee on economic affairs and the Union Cabinet approved the 'Agnipath' recruitment scheme for the armed forces. This scheme will enroll soldiers for four years, including a six month training period. Soldiers recruited under the scheme will be called 'Agniveer'.

The exact details of the scheme will be announced by the three service chiefs in a press conference on Tuesday, June 14. This scheme which was earlier called Tour of Duty is for individuals who are not keen on a long term military career which includes multiple benefits like pensions and others.

Eligible candidates:
Individuals between the age of 17-1/2 and 21 years will be allowed to apply for this scheme.

Government announces that the individuals will get allowances and ₹30,000-₹40,000 per month during their training period. The individuals will also be rewarded with awards, medals and insurance covers.


Who will get selected?
Only 25% of the candidates will be selected and re-enrolled to the cadre. The selections will be based on merit. The selected candidates will serve for up to 15 years.

The other 75% of the candidates will be demobilized with an exit package of ₹11-12 lakhs. This package will be funded by the monthly contributions and other rewarded skill certificates to help them go forward in their second career option, a source said.

Benefits of the scheme:
A current PRS Legislative Research report says, "The share of pension in the defence budget increased from 19% in 2012-13 to 26% in 2019-20. It has since fallen to 23% in 2021-22 and 2022-23. In the budget for 2022-23, the expenditure on defence pension is estimated to be Rs 1,19,696 crore which is 2% higher than the revised estimate of Rs 1,16,878 crore in 2021-22."

The scheme is designed to cut down the concerns of salary and pension bills. The candidates who apply under this scheme will be rewarded with a diploma or credits to use in further education.

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