Emma Watson could earn up to $15 million if 'Beauty and the Beast' is a hit


Emma Watson Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney final


Emma Watson in "Beauty and the Beast."

Emma Watson is looking at one of the biggest paydays of her career if the Disney live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" becomes a box office success.


Watson took in $3 million to play the movie's lead, Belle, but her pay will jump to $15 million if the movie has a worldwide take similar to the studio's 2014 "Maleficent" release ($759 million), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It's extremely likely the movie will hit that mark, if not well exceed it (industry projections have the movie making around $245 million worldwide this weekend when it opens in theaters). But this type of deal Disney gives to the star of one of its major releases is an interesting glimpse inside how the successful studio operates.

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THR touches on the stories of tight budgets for its talent, including "Beauty and the Beast" star Dan Stevens being denied a rental car upgrade to accommodate his kids or the studio refusing to pay for "Cinderella" star Lily James' mother to fly first class with her daughter on a flight.

"They are cheap with everyone," a lawyer with a client in one of Disney's upcoming films told THR.


But that just proves that, in reality, it's the Disney characters that are most important. Having Emily Blunt or Donald Glover in upcoming titles "Mary Poppins Returns" and "The Lion King," respectively, isn't what mainly brings in the box office coin.

And since Watson hasn't cashed in major pay for any of her roles since the "Harry Potter" movies - in which she earned $60 million combined for the eight movies - Disney's deal likely looked good to her.

"Beauty and the Beast" opens Friday.

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