Facebook Now Has The 2nd Biggest Online Advertising Business [THE BRIEF]

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Good morning, AdLand. Here's what you need to know today:

A new report from eMarketer finds that in 2013, Yahoo slipped from the second biggest online ad network to the fourth biggest after being surpassed by No. 2 Facebook and No. 3 Microsoft. Google retains is overwhelming lead at the top with 39.9% of the market, compared with 7.4% for Facebook, which leapfrogged Yahoo based on its growing mobile business.

Adweek reports that fraudulent web traffic is actually on the rise, despite higher awareness in the advertising industry media.

Chevrolet U.S. marketing chief Chris Perry has resigned.

A report from Senate Commerce Committee chair Jay Rockefeller says online data brokers "operate behind a veil of secrecy."

Former Demand Media chief revenue officer Jeff Dossett has found a new home at Porch.com, an online home improvement network, where he will serve as chief operating officer.

Facebook hired ex-TBWA/Media Arts Lab executive creative director Scott Trattner to serve in the same position at the social media giant. Trattner worked on the Apple account and helped launch products like the iPad, the iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud.

Leo Burnett Chicago made an interactive site for Allstate that lets users decorate a Google Street View image of their home with decorations and lights. The catch is that too much decorating causes various fire hazards and whatnot, causing the house to explode in a fireball and the user to be prompted to contact an Allstate rep about insurance.

Netflix made a clever, funny trailer for its Yule Log video.

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