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How to check the United Bank of India account balance

How to check the United Bank of India account balance
One of the largest nationalized banks in India, United Bank of India provides a range of financial and banking services to its customers in the country. UBI was formed in 1950 by amalgamating four banks including Comilla Banking Corporation Ltd., Bengal Central Bank, Comilla Union Bank Ltd., and Hooghly Bank Ltd. Around the globe, UBI has about 2,000 branches. The bank also offers a range of financial services like mutual funds, insurance, retail banking, share trading and others. Here are the different ways provided by the United Bank of India for its customers to know their UBI account balance.

Balance enquiry using the missed call method

If you wish to check your UBI account balance through the missed call method, you must dial the number 09015431345 from your registered mobile number. Your call will get disconnected automatically after a few rings and you will receive an SMS on your number indicating your account balance. If you have not registered your mobile number for this service, you must first get it done by visiting the nearest branch to be able to use the range of services offered on the registered mobile numbers of the UBI customers.

Internet banking balance check

United Bank of India provides a net banking facility for its customers for accessing banking and financial services online. You must first register for this service. Visit the bank’s official site and login using your credentials. Enter the username and password in the fields shown and click on submit. After logging in, select the option ‘Account Summary’ to know your balance.

Balance check using the mobile banking facility

UBI offers a number of sophisticated apps to check the account balance and also carry out some financial and banking transactions online. You may download either ‘United Mobile Banking app or United Passbook’ app to check your balance and also do some banking operations on the app.

USSD based balance check

For checking your United Bank of India account balance, you can also use the USSD based service available to the customers of all banks. From your registered mobile number, just dial *99*63# or *99# to get your balance. Information. Since this facility is available on all GSM enabled phones, most customers can use this method easily.

Balance check through the SMS banking method

United Bank of India also provides the SMS banking service to check the account balance. Send an SMS to 9223173933 by typing BAL<MPIN>.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) balance check

For checking the UBI account balance in this method, access the website through your mobile phone browser. Those who have GPRS service can use this facility for balance check and also a number of banking functions.

UBI balance check at the ATM

Across the globe, the UBI operates more than 1,000 ATMs. You can visit the UBI ATM or the ATM of any other bank to know your UBI account balance. Insert your ATM card in the slot provided in the ATM machine. You will be prompted to enter your four digit PIN and also follow the steps as asked. To know your UBI account balance, select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option and you will see your account balance displayed on the screen and also printed on the slip issued by the machine.

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