Easy ways to check account balance in Bank of Baroda

Easy ways to check account balance in Bank of Baroda
Bank of Baroda, popularly known as BoB is a popular public sector bank in India that offers a range of financial services to its customers. If you have an account with this bank, here are the ways in which you can check your account balance and also carry out some transactions without having to visit the bank.

Bank of Baroda balance check by passbook entry method

The most popular and conventional way of checking the balance in Bank of Baroda account is by making entry in the passbook. Upon request and producing your passbook at the dedicated counter in the bank, the bank will print out your passbook and will get it up to date to reflect the current balance.

The other popular way to check the balance is through the ATM cum debit card provided by the bank. When you insert the card in the slot, you will be prompted to input the PIN number. From the list of options on the screen, enter the 4-digit ATM PIN. Choose the option ‘Balance Enquiry’ and it will be displayed on the screen.

Balance check through SMS in Bank of Baroda


Bank of Baroda provides balance check facility through SMS services. To avail of this facility, you must have registered your mobile number with your Bank of Baroda Account. In a specified format (BAL < space > XXXX), you must send an SMS to the number 8422009988. Within a short time, you will get a reply SMS displaying the account balance information. This facility can also be used to request check status and mini balance. Type this to get mini statement: MINI < space > XXXX. Type this for cheque status: (CHEQ < space > XXXX < space > Cheque No.)

Bank of Baroda balance check enquiry number

Bank of Baroda customers can also avail of the missed call service. To get your balance information through the missed call service, you just need to call the number 8468001111 from your registered phone number. This service is provided free of cost and is available 24 X 7. Through this service, you can get to know your account balance information from any remote location.

Bank of Baroda balance check by Internet Banking

If you wish to use the internet route to check your Bank of Baroda Account balance information, you must apply for the net banking facility with the bank. The bank will provide you a User ID and password. You need to input these details on the net banking website of the bank to do various transactions like balance enquiry, account statement, funds transfer, bill payment, etc. without visiting the bank. This facility can be used on a PC, laptop, notebook and smartphone.


Bank of Baroda mPassbook mobile app can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone to check the account balance. This app works similar to a passbook and provides the detailed information on all the transactions done on your Bank of Baroda Account. The mPassbook app is available in 8 languages. This app can also be used to locate Bank of Baroda ATMs within 10 km radius.

check account balance in mobile banking App

Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus is the new and enhanced version of the Bank of Baroda M-Connect mobile banking app. This new app has a very attractive and user friendly interface and provides a wide range of facilities to its customers. In this app, you can link various kinds of accounts you have with Bank of Baroda like Savings account, PPF, current account, cash credit account, and overdraft account. The activities you can do on this app include checking account balance, downloading account statement, transferring funds within your different accounts, and carrying out third party transfers.

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