HDFC and HDFC Bank announce merger of India’s largest housing finance company with the largest private bank

HDFC and HDFC Bank announce merger of India’s largest housing finance company with the largest private bank
HDFC and HDFC Bank merger has send the stocks of both companies rallyingBusiness Insider India
  • HDFC and HDFC Bank today announced a merger, bringing the housing finance company under the wings of HDFC Bank.
  • While HDFC is the largest housing finance company in India, HDFC Bank is the largest private bank.
  • Both the companies envision significant gains from the merger, allowing them to better cross-sell their products, with the power of HDFC Bank’s strong distribution network driving growth.
HDFC and HDFC Bank have announced a transformational merger today. With this, HDFC will merge into HDFC Bank and the public shareholders of HDFC Bank will become 100% shareholders of HDFC.

While the shares of HDFC were up by 15%, HDFC Bank’s shares were up by nearly 14% as of 10:15 a.m., on April 4.

According to the announcement, existing shareholders of HDFC will get shares in HDFC Bank – every 25 shares held in HDFC will fetch 42 shares in HDFC Bank. This is beneficial for HDFC shareholders according to the closing price on April 1.

With the merger, the two companies hope to leverage each other's strengths – HDFC’s domain experience in housing finance with HDFC Bank’s superior scale and distribution. This will allow the merged entity to cross-sell both banking and housing finance products even better.

How HDFC and HDFC Bank stack up


While HDFC is the largest player when it comes to housing finance, HDFC Bank is the largest private-sector bank in the country.

ParticularsHDFCHDFC Bank
Annualised profit after tax₹13,388 crore₹35,875 crore
Net worth₹1,15,400 crore₹2,29,640 crore
Advances₹5,25,806 crore₹12,68,863 crore

Source: Company reports, annualised as of December 31, 2021

The company says it could take up to 18 months to receive the necessary regulatory approvals for the merger.

$HDFC.NSE $HDFCBANK.NSE A potential behemoth in the making. For the longest time Puri wanted HDFC Bank to be independent of HDFC and no prizes for guessing, the bank today does 80% more PAT than HDFC. Based on the merger calculations, there was a 9% arbitrage in the morning which got merged on pre-open. As of now, investors in both the counters should do well, although the Bank will be the behemoth. Let's not forget - both HDB Financial Services and HDFC Securities sit inside HDFC Bank.

— (@mehrotra_saket) April 04, 2022

“The proposed transaction ticks all the right boxes in terms of completion of product offerings, product leadership in home loans as with other retail assets products, distribution strength across the country and a customer base that can be leveraged to cross-sell a complete suite of financial products,” said HDFC Bank’s chief executive officer, Sashi Jagdishan.

Keki M Mistry, the chief executive officer of HDFC, said, “With the leadership that we have built in housing finance and the deep understanding of the housing market across various economic cycles, this transaction helps in realising the potential of what HDFC’s housing finance business can achieve by leveraging the distribution and customer base of HDFC Bank.”


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