Here’s why Apple has stopped accepting payments from debit and credit cards issued by Indian banks

Here’s why Apple has stopped accepting payments from debit and credit cards issued by Indian banks
  • All new RBI auto-debit rules forced Apple to stop debit and credit card payments.
  • The new auto-debit payment rule came back in October 2021.
  • Users can now only use UPI and Netbanking payment methods to make payments.
Tech giant Apple has stopped accepting App Store payments via credit and debit cards in India. It means users in India can no longer purchase apps from App Store, or subscribe to its services using a credit or debit card. The development has come six months after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) came out with its new auto-debit payment rules in October 2021.

In an email to users, Apple said, “Due to the RBI regulations, Apple Search Ads will soon no longer accept payments from credit cards issued by banks in India.” The company also said, all campaigns using a credit card issued from Indian banks will be placed on hold from June 1. In order to avoid a lapse in serving ads, you can use a credit card issued by a bank outside of India. The payment method can be updated by going to the ‘Billing’ tab in ‘Account Settings’.

As per the new auto-debit rule set by RBI, online merchants such as Apple are limited to receiving recurring payments from users via credit and debit cards. Now merchants have to set up fresh e-mandates from customers and two-factor authentication for each recurring transaction. Users are also required to give their consent using CVV numbers and OTP for any payment over ₹5000. All this sounds too much hassle for Apple and its users as a result Apple has decided to stop card payments in India.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced UPI and a net banking payment method for Indian customers.

How can you make payments on App Store and other Apple services?
Now you can pay for subscriptions and other services by using the Apple ID credit system that supports UPI, Netbanking, and Apple ID store codes.


How to use the new payment method?
  • Go to the App Store, click on the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Navigate below and find ‘Add funds to your Apple ID tab’.
  • Select the amount.
  • Pay via using UPI, Netbanking and Apple ID codes.
Apple is not the only one facing issues with recurring payments. Netflix and Google have also been impacted by the new auto-debit rule.

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