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Hack down the Holi hangover with these 6 handy tips

Hack down the Holi hangover with these 6 handy tips
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Holi is round the corner and you are all geared up for a thrilling, tantalizing and of course, intoxicating time with family and friends. Well, although the sinful indulgence of consuming marijuana or “Bhaang” as it is referred to in India has been a tradition during this festival of colours for times immemorial, the after-effects of the same may not be quite so enjoyable.

Bhaang, a herbal mixture made with leaves from the cannabis plant along with milk and dry fruits, is delicious to the core and seems irresistible to those who wish to tread the path of euphoria for those few hours of incredible fun. And yet hangover and headaches are common complaints that follow suit. But, why sacrifice on all the fanaticism and frenzy for fear of hangover? Here are some quick handy tips to help you hack down your Holi Hangover and enjoy the festival to the lees.

Go lemony
A glass of lemon juice is highly effective if you are irked with the irritable effects of Bhaang. It tends to dehydrate your body making you feel weary and dizzy. Lemon juice mixed with a glass of water is just the magic potion that can keep your hangover harrows at bay. So even before you make the marijuana concoction prepare a glass of lemon juice and keep it handy.

Skip the coffee routine
If you thought a cup of piping hot coffee would help you alleviate the symptoms of hangover when you wake up feeling grumpy and groggy you may be welcoming more pain and irritation than you even presumed. Caffeine aggravates the symptoms even more and it leaves you feeling worse than your Bhaang hangover. Instead, make a cup of green tea that helps you feel rejuvenated and soothes your body and mind.

Keep your tummy tucked
Indubitably an empty stomach exacerbates the hangover syndrome and just like consuming alcohol without having anything makes you feel high faster, Bhaang when taken sans any solid intake shoots up the level of intoxication and thus worsens the hangover. So grab some bites before you go down the alleys to get exhilarated and enjoy the bouts of bhang.

Make a yummy milkshake
When you are struck with a bad hangover, the best way to handle it is to have the right kind of gastronomic treats to help your body counter the intoxication. Digestion often becomes an additional issue during such times so keep your hands off fried stuffs and instead indulge in a lip smacking milk shake concocted with loads of fruits. Bananas, strawberries, water melon and carrots help hydrate your body with their inherent water content and the presence of fructose makes your drink healthy and sweet without the harmful effects of sugar.

Bananas are also considered a great natural antacid that aids in keeping nausea and indigestion at bay. If you wish to add a tangy taste to the shake sprinkle a pinch of salt which according to doctors prevents your blood plasma from getting afflicted with the rare disturbance called hyponatremia which is extremely dangerous for your immune system.

Stay off pills
Excruciating headaches make you reach out to the pills and painkillers to ameliorate the suffering. However, painkillers when taken in empty stomach will only tend to up your pain instead of lessening it and may even affect your digestive system. Once you have treated yourself to the milkshake with loads of fruits you may pop in some Vitamin B and C supplements and then take a painkiller to ease your pain. This will wipe off the negative effects of the same and make you feel less irritable and drowsy.

Breathe in the fresh air
What can be a better therapy to get refreshed and rejuvenated than inhaling some fresh air? Although you may be feeling overpowered and exhausted to the bits and cling on to your cozy couch shirk off the lethargic attitude, put on your walking shoes and get a fresh breath of air. Taking a walk along a park or surroundings dotted with greenery will boost up your body and soul and you will be able to overcome the hangover symptoms much faster.

Holi is a time to freak out with friends and family. So enjoy every moment to the lees while keeping a check on the number of glasses that you gulp in and keeping yourself hydrated by taking in loads of water or other fluids simultaneously.

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