How to Reach Your Goals Twice as Fast and With Half the Effort

How to Reach Your Goals Twice as Fast and With Half the EffortYou must have heard several times in speeches delivered by great men that we should all have a GOAL in life - personal and professional - that we chase. It sounds good in theory, but what makes us fail in practicals?

It takes minutes writing down your goals, but years achieving them. And that's fine, because what really is a goal that you can achieve in a day, right? It has to be something big, it has to something that you challenge yourself to achieve. But that's not where it ends. Setting Goals is the beginning. What can make you achieve it is the passion, fire, drive, and commitment with which you pursue them.

More often we fail because we don’t have clarity and focus on our goals. And so, we progress very slowly. In no time, the interest to chase the so-called dream dies, and six months later we are like..

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"What.. No which goal? What rubbish, I never set one.."

Let's face it - it's because we aren't seeing these goals with the strength they deserve.


If you do this right, you can have 100% clarity, an insatiable drive and hit your goals twice as fast. Here's what you do:

1. Use Afformations

They are empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. Afformations use your brain’s “embedded presupposition factor” to change your unconscious assumptions about what you can and can’t do. They have helped people in 178 countries to bridge their Belief Gap and dramatically improve their lives. Maybe this book can really help you out!

2. Ask yourself what you really want

“If time or money were no object, what would I love to be, do, or have?” Ask yourself this question and if the answer doesn’t frighten you a little, you may not be asking big enough!

Another example would be when you go to a GYM and your muscles are heavy and relaxed. When you start running on the treadmill or doing push-ups, until you are super passionate about your health goals, you give up too easily the moment it starts hurting. If there’s a trainer around or if you are crazy to lose weight or get fitter, you are going to keep going on that treadmill till every nerve is shouting - PLEASE STOP. That’s what’s called fire for your goal.

BOTTOMLINE: When you sit down to make that GOAL list, make sure it has those which are real challenges for you to achieve, and something you seek so hard that no matter it takes, you are going to go after it!

3. Challenge yourself

It’s too hard or If I haven’t done it by now, I’ll probably never do it.

If these are your unconscious assumptions, your actions will be tentative, fearful, and anticipating failure—and your results will be less than desirable. Just because you’ve failed in the past does not make you a “failure”. The simple fact that you’re reading this right now means that you are far stronger than you think. Don’t know if this helps, but remember even the investors in Silicon Valley put their money in companies whose founders have failed in startups before. Why? Because they believe that the fact these founders are back in the game doing another startup is their commitment. And the mistakes they made is likely to have left them with more insight.

4. Clear out your head

Imagine if every negative thought you had ever had was a piece of trash in your home. Now imagine that you never took out the trash. Your home would be pretty gross, wouldn’t it?

Cultivate positive thoughts, spend time thinking on what can help you increase productivity than about office politics maybe or who said what to you the other day.