scorecardHow young startups can use automation as a growth hack <b></b>
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How young startups can use automation as a growth hack

How young startups can use automation as a growth hack <b></b>
IndiaSmallbusiness1 min read
If you want to leave your mark on this world as a blogger, virtual entrepreneur or online startup – you have to automate a major lump of your marketing. Because if you don't you'll be left behind, and rapidly turn out to be insignificant.

Regardless of whether it's as basic as pre-scheduling a couple of social media messages, or as intricate as constructing an email marketing funnel – automation is setting down deep roots and everybody is doing it.

How can you use automation as a growth hack for your startup?

Automate Sales

Marketing automation can automate certain aspects of your sales process. You can automate email interactions to thank customers for their business, while also following up with them after they've received a product. You can give questionnaires to every customer by means of email to help collect more information from customers and assemble constructive criticism from your client base.

Email your website visitors

How can you contact your website visitors, if they haven’t left their emails for you? Smart marketing automation software allows you to use cookie matching integration with outside email database providers to send personalized messages to these website visitors.

Social Media Posts

Timing is everything. By taking a gander at your information from social media posts, you can identify the specific times of day that customers are the most prone to engage with your content, permitting you to create a schedule for posting that accommodates those times.

Towards the day's end, it's all about revenue. Both marketing automation and growth hacking, including the greater part of the tips above, make this happen.