IIM Professors want to head to Singapore, Pattaya with spouses to chart out future roadmap for the institute

IIM Professors want to head to Singapore, Pattaya with spouses to chart out future roadmap for the instituteIn quite a surprising demand by Indian Institute of Management Lucknow professors, they have sought a retreat in Singapore or Pattaya along with spouses to "introspect" on the shortcomings of the institutes and prepare a roadmap for growth.

IIM-L director Ajit Prasad came up with the idea. An email sent by him to the faculty on February 23, read: "I am planning to have our retreat in Singapore/Pattaya in the first half of May 2017. A valid passport is naturally a must. To negotiate with the airlines and hotel, I need a fix on how many people would be coming. For the spices (spouses), expenditure is likely to be in the range of 4 MDP sessions."

The agenda will come up for at a meeting of the board of governors today, ahead of the annual convocation of the institute. According to sources, the verbal prposal was presented to the BoG in the last meeting held on February 18, but it was turned down. The BoG later asked the director to present a formal proposal.

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The three-day meet will focus on the mission, vision, objectives of the institute and will introspect on whether teaching at IIM-L is going the right direction.


Day 1 - Faculty will brainstorm on whether there is a valid (Drucker's) Theory of Business, based on the theory of Peter F Drucker, American management consultant, educator, and author.

Day 2 - Faculty will conduct a course review for its students and check its relevance.

Day 3 - Faculty will deliberate on the future and whether the institute is heading in the right direction.