India wants its clothing industry to have its own size chart to rival US, UK

India wants its clothing industry to have its own size chart to rival US, UK

  • Textile Industry in India will soon have its own chart of body measurement under the project ‘India Size’ aimed at boosting the retail garment industry.
  • As of now, India has adopted sizes of other countries like UK and US.
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology is carrying out National Sizing Survey of India to come up with best set of body measurements for India.
For shoppers in India, size options at stores are limited to the UK, US or Euro chart. That is about to change, as India’s textiles and garments industry will soon have its own size for the apparels, reported Press Trust of India.

The Central government will roll out its ‘Size India’ project to study different body sizes in the country and formalise a specific size chart for India.

Currently, only 14 countries including China, Germany, Spain have adopted their own apparel size charts. India does not have its own size of measurement. The sizes can vary with brand. Most of the domestic brands have adopted US/UK size charts, while international brands follow their own standards, said Financial Express citing analysts.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology is already working on developing Indian size charts by measuring 25,000 people between 18 to 65 years in six different regions of the country.

The ‘Size India’ is going to reduce production cost of many textile industry. Moreover, it will reduce the waste inventory in turn helping the retailers and manufacturers to benefit the consumers to adjust prices accordingly, reported the Hindu Business Line citing Rahul Mehta, President, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India.


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