scorecardExperts warn of rising temperatures in Bengaluru as Phase 2 of Lok Sabha elections draws near
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Experts warn of rising temperatures in Bengaluru as Phase 2 of Lok Sabha elections draws near

Experts warn of rising temperatures in Bengaluru as Phase 2 of Lok Sabha elections draws near
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Bengaluru residents are enduring heatwave-like conditions, as the city recorded its second-hottest day ever on Tuesday. The temperature soared to 37.6°C, which is 3.4 degrees above the April average, coming close to the all-time record of 39.2°C set in 2016.

This is the second time in two weeks that Bengaluru has reached 37.6°C, causing concern among meteorologists. Scientists from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) fear that temperatures might exceed 39 degrees in the coming days, possibly coinciding with Friday's Lok Sabha elections. Interestingly, Tuesday's temperature was higher than those recorded at both Kempegowda International Airport and HAL Airport.

Hopes for relief from the heatwave through rain seem slim. Despite recent cloudy spells and light weekend showers, Bengaluru is experiencing a significant temperature deviation of 3-4°C above normal. IMD scientists see little chance of rain in the near future.

A Prasad, a senior scientist with IMD-Bengaluru, said, "While there might be one or two cloudy days, the likelihood of rain is very low, at around 30-40%. However, we are hopeful for substantial rainfall in May, which could finally bring relief from the intense heat."

The prevailing weather pattern across Karnataka, extending from central India to Kanyakumari, seems to be behind this prolonged heat. "Winds blowing in from the northern plains are devoid of moisture," explains Prasad, "further worsening the existing heat conditions."

With temperatures rising and little hope for rain, Bengaluru residents must prepare for continued discomfort in the days ahead. However, the Director General at IMD has assured the Election Commission that there are no major concerns regarding heatwaves for the upcoming General Elections.

The weather forecast is normal for the 13 States/UTs going for polls in Phase 2. However, interior parts of Karnataka are expected to experience heatwave conditions until Sunday, April 28. In Bengaluru, daytime temperatures are expected to hover around 36°C throughout the week, even on election day.

Despite this, citizens will participate in political events, increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses. In response, the Election Commission of India (EC) has issued a heatwave advisory, emphasising the need for precautionary measures to protect public health.

The EC directs state authorities to ensure Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) at all polling stations, including provisions for drinking water, separate toilets, and adequate shade, to ensure the convenience and safety of voters.

Guidelines for treating sunstroke-affected individuals, as issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), include providing shade, offering Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) or a refreshing drink, and urgently transporting the affected person to the nearest healthcare facility for immediate medical attention.

As Bengaluru gears up for a heated electoral battle, the nation's focus is on ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens amidst challenging weather conditions. Through concerted efforts and proactive measures, the nation strives to uphold the democratic process while prioritising public health and safety.