scorecardIce cubes to gulab jamuns and 50 lakh kilos of organic fruits and veggies – how India Swiggy’d in 2022
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Ice cubes to gulab jamuns and 50 lakh kilos of organic fruits and veggies – how India Swiggy’d in 2022

Ice cubes to gulab jamuns and 50 lakh kilos of organic fruits and veggies – how India Swiggy’d in 2022
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Swiggy's famous gulab jamun ad    Swiggy
  • Biryani emerged as the king of food yet again on Swiggy, and Indians prefer chicken biryani way more than they do veg biryani.
  • Bangaloreans from the ‘cool city’ also ordered more ice cubes than Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai users combined.
  • The evergreen samosa and chai-kaapi were the fuel running Indians this year, while desi desserts and chocolate items were the other top snacks.
  • In the quirky stuff, users searched for things like petrol, sofa, beds and ‘mommy’ on Swiggy Instamart.
Ordering food online has undergone a radical change in the post-Covid world, in large part due to the convenience it offers. Now, Swiggy’s latest annual trends report reveals just how dependent Indians have become on ordering food and groceries online, ordering everything from food to desserts and searching for ‘mommy’ on Swiggy Instamart.

The food delivery platform saw Indians indulging their taste buds with shuddh desi delicacies to firangi flavours and guilt-free options. Swiggy also revealed its users in Bengaluru ordered more ice cubes than Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai put together. Party animals, assemble!

No seven year itch for biryani lovers

Chicken biryani
Chicken biryani      Canva

Biryani emerged as the undisputed king for the seventh consecutive year, showing just how much Indians love it. In fact, Indians ordered more biryani this year than 2021 – Swiggy says its users ordered 2.28 biryanis per second this year, up from 1.92 in 2021.

Chicken biryani emerged as the queen of biryanis, while its leaner cousin ‘veg biryani’ was a distant ninth in the list of the most-ordered dishes. Even Chicken and veg fried out did the veg version of the most loved/ordered dish!

Desi desserts rule

Gulab jamun
Gulab jamun      Canva

The juicy gulab jamun was the favourite dessert of Indians this year – in fact, it was loved so much so that Indians ordered it 27 lakh times, followed by rasmalai at a distant second with 16 lakh orders.

The only non-desi dessert Indians love is something with chocolate. The choco lava cake was ordered 10 lakh times. Other desserts which have made it to the list are ice cream with choco chip, alphonso mango and tender coconut.

Masala dosa to tandoori chicken and everything in between

Dosa      Canva

Masala dosa emerged as the second-most ordered food item on Swiggy in a list otherwise dominated by biryani, fried rice and the ever-green paneer butter masala.

Other crowd favourites were chicken fried rice, butter naan, veg fried rice, and tandoori chicken – predictable and yet delicious.

Indians also experimented more this year with orders for global dishes like sushi, Mexican bowls, Korean spicy ramen, German sausage and Italian pasta seeing a big uptake.

Samosa and chai-kaapi – the fuel of Indians

Samosa      Canva

Jab tak chalega samose mein aaloo – they’ll keep Swiggyin. It seems Indians run on samosa and chai-kaapi (tea-coffee). They devoured samosas with over 40 lakh orders on Swiggy, while Instamart orders for tea and coffee surged by 300% in 2022.

Another snack Indians dug into is popcorn – in fact, Swiggy received 22 lakh orders of popcorn, most of which were post 10 p.m. Popcorn and chill, is it?

Quirky and healthy Instamart

Fruits and vegetables      Canva

Indians took to healthy eating as well, with Swiggy delivering over 50 lakh kilos of organic fruits and vegetables during the year. Guilt-free orders also saw a 23% increase in searches, but how many of those translated into orders is not known. Window-shopping guilt-free food, people?

Indians also apparently became a little lazy this year – according to Swiggy, it delivered an Instamart order for a 50-metre distance in one minute, while a Bangalorean spent ₹16.6 lakh on groceries alone.

Milk was the most-ordered item during the India vs Pakistan World Cup match this year, as people refuelled themselves while the tensions on the ground ran high. Sobering up with chai and hot chocolate it seems.

Coming to the quirky stuff – Swiggy users apparently searched for petrol, ‘mommy’, sofa, beds, and underwear on Instamart. While Swiggy might work on others, when it comes to delivering ‘mommy’, mum’s the word.