Spectacular images show how millions of Indians clapped and banged utensils following Modi’s coronavirus message

  • A Janata curfew was imposed on March 22, which meant people had to stay home from 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged Indians to step out onto their balconies for five minutes and clap for those who continue to work during the crisis.
  • Visuals from across the country show how Indians came together with claps and conches, to applaud health workers.
While the Janata curfew meant that streets all across the country were deserted, at 5 pm, Indians stepped out onto their balconies to the sounds of claps and conches.

Janata curfew is a self imposed curfew. “It is a curfew by the public and for the public,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to the nation on March 19.

Modi had urged Indians to stay home on March 22, but asked them to step out onto their balconies and clap for those who continue to work during the crisis.


And truly, Indians in each and every corner stood in their balconies and clapped with plates, bells and more. People applauded those who are helping others during these testing times, those who can't work from home and have to be at the forefront of it all - doctors, nurses, government officials, bankers, police officials, delivery riders and many more.

On Twitter, #5baje5minute began to trend, as people gathered to clap for five minutes on their balconies.

From ministers to celebrities, everyone joined in in the exercise.


In India, the number of cases have risen to 341, with seven dead. A complete lockdown has been announced for 75 districts with confirmed cases. Section 144 has been imposed in Delhi and Maharashtra.

Railway services have been suspended until March 31 and inter state buses too have been asked to stop functioning.

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