The Kanika Kapoor-Prince Charles conspiracy theory is proof that Indians blame everyone but themselves

The Kanika Kapoor-Prince Charles conspiracy theory is proof that Indians blame everyone but themselves
  • Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor became the poster girl of Covid-19 transmission.
  • Now, Kapoor’s supposedly dated photos with Prince Charles started the rumour mill – did she pass on the virus to the second-in-line for the crown of England?
  • Indians in their need to hate have even put doctors, Air India crew, North East Indians in the same category.
Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, flew in from London and attended a party in a 5-star hotel in Lucknow with 200 high profile guests. Then, she tested positive for Coronavirus and supposedly hid her travel history– giving India its first poster girl of Covid-19 infection. Some would say validly so, for having endangered so many others.

Since last night, Kapoor’s supposedly dated photos with Prince Charles started rumours – that she could have passed on the virus to the second-in-line for the crown of England?

Yet another royal Vasundara Raje, the former CM of Rajasthan also went into quarantine after she heard of Kapoor’s infection as she attended a party with her, however she tested negative.

That apart, many facts aren’t helping the case of the Bollywood singer known for her superhit Babydoll song. Reports of Kapoor throwing tantrums in the hospital and demanding a 5-star treatment have been doing the rounds. Also, even as the country faces a deficit of test kits, 200 kits had to be wasted to test all those she came in contact with, in the form of an avoidable social gathering.

Ever since, aunties in the neighbourhood to teens on Insta and others on Twitter are all asking the same thing, “Did you see what that Baby Doll singer did?”


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‘There’s a Kanika Kapoor everywhere’

When hundreds of people decided to “celebrate Janata curfew” on the streets, prudes said, “There’s a Kanika Kapoor in each one of them.”

Kapoor’s negligence and some would say arrogance of not realising the graveness of the matter, cannot be dismissed but it also points out India’s need to hate someone during this pandemic. Even those who are working to contain the epidemic are being ostracised and discriminated against.

Many landlords have been throwing out doctors and health workers from their homes for the fear of contracting the virus. The Air India crew, which has saved Indians stranded abroad in Wuhan, Iran, Rome, also faced the same fate.

If that wasn’t crossing the line already, North East Indians have been subject to racist attacks with a man in Delhi spitting on a girl from Manipur, while several others across the country called ‘Chinese’, ‘Corona’, ‘Virus’ and more names.

The government now announced strict action against those discriminating against doctors, healthcare professionals, Air India crew or any other public servant, as well as against racial attacks in the country.

Selfish neighbours and other tales

On the other hand, there are Indians who refuse to understand the importance of staying at home. And others continue to endanger house help, neighbours and roommates. In Delhi, an irate flatmate reported a bizarre incident of heightened selfishness.

“My flatmate decided to go on a leisure trip to West Bengal during these times and I’m scared she might have caught something on the way.” The flatmate insists on living with her friends as she “refuses to burden her parents” in case she caught something along the way.

“As if our lives do not matter,” comments her worried flatmate.

Anger, frustration at the time of a pandemic is an obvious effect of lockdown and fear. However, few Indians are not channelizing it in the right manner, looking for outlets with hate instead of logic.

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