Indians were asked what they would do in their free time if they could work for four days a week — and their answers are unexpected

Indians were asked what they would do in their free time if they could work for four days a week — and their answers are unexpected

  • According to a recent survey on working professionals, nearly 66% of Indian working class people will prefer to learn a new skill, if they have a four days work week.
  • A whopping 69% said that they are willing to work five days a week even if they are paid the same for lesser days.
  • While 62% of Indian employees feel the need for extended work hours, to grow professionally.
Over time, Indian employees have been preferring flexibility at work, while looking for new opportunities. On being asked about what they would prefer to do if they are employed to work for four days a week, a survey revealed that nearly 66% of India’s working population would want to enhance skill sets or learn a new hobby.

The survey titled ‘Future of Workplaces’ by Kronos Incorporated has shown that India’s working population might even give up on a family vacation while wanting ‘more time’ to acquire new skills or certifications.

The concept of a four days work week, however, is not new. It aims to enhance productivity of employees while at work along with providing them a sense of satisfaction from the job.
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Interestingly, a whopping 69% of full-time employees in India said that they would choose to work five days a week, even if they get paid equally for working fewer days followed by Mexico and the US, where the workforce is willing to work five days a week.

Keeping work flexibility a priority to retain talent, more companies are now emerging with better work schedules, including remote work policy. Globally, over half of the employees worldwide feel pressured to work extra hours to grow professionally, the survey highlighted. While Indians (62%) feel the most pressure to extend their work hours.

The global survey examined 3,000 employees across eight countries — India, the US, Germany, Canada, France, Mexico, UK and Australia. On the personal bucket list, however, globally, nearly 43% of the people want to travel, if given a chance. While 29% of the people worldwide wish to pursue their hobbies.

While the employed professionals in France, Germany, the US and the UK prioritised ‘sleep’ above any other thing.

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