A man was shot dead by police after a 90mph car chase in Indianapolis, and appears to have broadcast his death on Facebook Live

A man was shot dead by police after a 90mph car chase in Indianapolis, and appears to have broadcast his death on Facebook Live
A file photo of police responding to an unrelated incident in the Chicago area.John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images
  • A man was shot dead after a police chase in Indianapolis, local outlets reported.
  • A Facebook Live, which new reports say showed the shooting, was circulated online.
  • Police have not released the identity of the suspect and have not confirmed whether it was the same man in the Facebook Live video.
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An Indianapolis man was shot dead by police after a chase on Wednesday. Part of the encounter was broadcast by the slain suspect on via his Facebook live, according to local news outlets.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that a man was shot and killed by an officer on the northwest side of the city.

Officers said they tried to avoid using lethal force, but shot the man dead after he fired on them.

However, they did not confirm if it was the same man in the widely circulated Facebook Live video, the Indianapolis Star reported.

A family member at the scene named the killed man as Sean Reed. Police said only that both the killed suspect and the officer who shot him were black, according to the Star.


Police said they are aware of the videos and are "preserving" them, but did not comment on their authenticity, the Star reported.

According to a police statement, Deputy Chief Kendale Adams spotted a car driving "erratically" on the interstate and started pursuing it. The chase allegedly reached over 90 miles per hour, before "officers in marked cars picked up the pursuit."

A police statement released later that night said that Adams ceased pursuit, in line with protocol.

"The vehicle had almost struck other vehicles while it exited the interstate," the statement read.

According to the Star, IMPD Assistant Chief Chris Bailey said the incident started on the I-65 near 30th Street.


WTHR13 reported that the chase lasted around 10 minutes and ended around W. 56th Street and Lafayette Road. The car in the chase was later spotted again, near 62nd and Michigan, where the man got out of the car and ran. Police chased him on foot.

The man in the Facebook Live video said he was on 62nd Street and Michigan, which is where police said the shooting occurred.

According to the Star, more than 4,000 people were watching the livestream as the young man left his car and started running before either dropping his phone, falling, or both.

According to the police statement, an officer first fired Taser at the suspect. The statement said the suspect then fired a weapon at police, at which point officers switched to regular firearms and shot him dead.

According to WTHR, the livestream went on for minutes after the shooting before police stopped it. It was then deleted from the man's page.


WTHR reported that no officer was injured.

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