Elon Musk calls on all Twitter designers, engineers doing software to sit on his floor of HQ for 'dense and intense' work

Elon Musk calls on all Twitter designers, engineers doing software to sit on his floor of HQ for 'dense and intense' work
  • Elon Musk sent another unexpected directive to Twitter employees.
  • Anyone working on software projects is to now sit on his floor of Twitter HQ, according to an email.

Elon Musk on Tuesday suddenly called for everyone at Twitter working on design or software to come to his floor.

"Anyone writing software or doing design (in the Bay Area) should be on the 10th floor of SF HQ.
It is intended to be dense and intense. Thanks, Elon."

Although the brief email did not say so explicitly, it refers to seating at Twitter's offices in San Francisco, according to a person familiar with the company. Musk now works from the 10th floor and is asking that all remaining design and engineering employees at Twitter working on software or related projects to start working daily from the floor as well. The change is expected to happen immediately, the person said, and came without warning.

Twitter employees who have so far made it through a mass layoff, a mass resignation and spates of firings have come to expect "out of the blue" demanding emails from Musk, an employee said. "Another day, another email," another employee said.

The mass resignation of two weeks ago was in response to one such overnight email from Musk, giving everyone in the company about two days to click a sign-up link that would consider them having agreed to work on his "extremely hardcore" Twitter 2.0.


Musk, who is Twitter's CEO since taking over the company a month ago, oversees Twitter's engineering and software organization closely. He has demanded that Twitter employees work from the office full-time, reversing a policy put in place by co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey allowing anyone to work remotely full-time. Many engineers who still work at Twitter had already moved their desk space to the 10th floor in recent days, another person familiar said.

Musk is said to frequently walk the floor now, observing employees at work and occasionally asking questions about what they're working on, one of the people familiar said. His son with the singer Grimes, X Æ A-12, is said to often be in the office as well, including on Monday, the person noted.

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