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Germany confirms first monkeypox case in a child

Germany confirms first monkeypox case in a child
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A 4-year-old girl in Germany's Pforzheim city has become infected with monkeypox, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for disease control said on Tuesday, confirming the country's first case of the virus in a child.

According to the RKI, the child, who lives in a household with two adult infected adults, currently has no symptoms, reports dpa news agency.

She was examined by a doctor as a precautionary measure and a swab was taken from her throat for the purpose of the diagnosis.

The child was not in contact with anyone outside her household.

The news comes after the RKI became aware of the first infections among teenagers aged 15 and 17 last week.

Less than three months after the first monkeypox case in Germany was confirmed, a total of 2,916 cases have been reported to the RKI.

Almost all of the cases are male, with only seven cases in females.

"According to current knowledge, close contact is required for transmission of the pathogen," the RKI said.

Transmission occurs primarily in the context of sexual activity.

"As far as is known, most of those affected do not fall seriously ill," the RKI wrote.

The World Health Organization said recently there have only been a small number of children infected with monkeypox in the current global outbreak.