It wouldn't be a 'wise thing' for Kyle Rittenhouse to launch a political career, his attorney says

It wouldn't be a 'wise thing' for Kyle Rittenhouse to launch a political career, his attorney says
Kyle Rittenhouse appears in Kenosha Circuit Court on November 12, 2021.Mark Hertzberg-Pool/Getty Images
  • A Wisconsin jury cleared Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges relating to an incident where he shot three people.
  • It would not be the "wise thing" for Kyle Rittenhouse to enter politics, his defense attorney told Insider.

Kyle Rittenhouse should turn down offers to enter the political arena, his criminal defense attorney told Insider.

After a Wisconsin jury cleared Rittenhouse of all charges relating to the August 25, 2020 incident where he shot three people with an AR-15 style semiautomatic rifle, the 18-year-old was inundated with offers to intern for Republican lawmakers.

GOP Reps. Madison Cawthorn, Paul Gosar, and Matt Gaetz each offered him a chance to work in Congress, and Politico reported that Republican strategist Gregg Keller said he wouldn't be surprised if Rittenhouse spoke at a future CPAC.

Some far-right forum users even said he should run for president, Insider reported.

But Rittenhouse's criminal defense lawyer, Mark Richards, told Insider that he thinks launching a political career would be the wrong move for his client.


"I don't think that's the wise thing," he said during a phone call. "But some of my clients haven't always done the wisest things."

Instead, Richards said he thinks it's time for Kyle Rittenhouse to "grow up" and "get on" with his life. "He's 18-years-old," he added.

The attorney said that Rittenhouse should think of moving "out of the area" if he has hopes of living a normal life.

"That's not because I don't want Kyle living around me," Richards told Insider. "It's because everybody's gonna know who he is, and that's gonna be trouble."

Richards joked that he's not Rittenhouse's "booking agent" but added that he thinks his client wants to return to his studies now that high profile trial is over.


"He wants to be a nurse, and I hope he's allowed to do that in some level of anonymity," the attorney said.