Photo shows a Dubai princess who claims she's being held hostage by her family on a 'European holiday' in Spain

Photo shows a Dubai princess who claims she's being held hostage by her family on a 'European holiday' in Spain
Princess Latifa.
  • Princess Latifa tried to flee Dubai in 2018 but was caught and subsequently vanished.
  • A video of her emerged in February in which she said she was being held hostage by her family.
  • A photo posted to Instagram Monday by a Dubai teacher showed Latifa at an airport in Madrid, Spain.

A photo posted to Instagram on Monday appears to show a Dubai princess who says she was being imprisoned by her family embarking on a "European holiday."

Princess Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum, the daughter of Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, tried to flee Dubai by boat in February 2018 but was intercepted off the coast of India.

Nothing was heard from Latifa until February this year, when the BBC published a video of her in which she said was being held "hostage" by her family in Dubai in a villa that "has been converted into a jail."

The United Nations has called for her release, with spokesperson Marta Hurtado saying in April that the United Arab Emirates had failed to provide proof that she was still alive.

However, a photo posted to Instagram Monday by a person identified by the Associated Press as former Royal Navy member Sioned Taylor shows Latifa at Madrid's Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.


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Taylor is currently a teacher based in Dubai, The Times of London reported.

In response to a comment under the Monday post that asked after Latifa's wellbeing, Taylor replied: "She is great."

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Last month, Taylor also posted two photos of Latifa taken at a mall in Dubai with another woman.

Sources told The Times at the time that the photos were clearly staged and that Latifa knew the women before she tried to flee.


"They have been ordered to take those photos and not to talk about it," the person said, per The Times.

Insider has contacted the Dubai Media Office and the campaign to free Latifa for comment.