Scotland, Wales to offer COVID vaccine to all children 5-11

Scotland, Wales to offer COVID vaccine to all children 5-11
London, Feb 16 (AP) Scotland's government confirmed on Wednesday that it will offer a coronavirus vaccine to all children ages 5-11, and Wales is doing the same after accepting draft advice from scientists.

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said officials have taken advice from the UK's vaccination advisory committee, although the committee's recommendation hasn't been officially published yet.


Sturgeon's statement came a day after Wales announced a similar plan to immunize younger children against COVID-19.

Scotland and Wales are so far the only two parts of the UK that have said they will offer vaccines to the entire 5 to 11 age group.

England and Northern Ireland currently offer shots to children under 11 who have medical conditions that mean they are at serious risk of complications from the coronavirus.

Sturgeon said officials have begun talking to health authorities about the best way of delivering the vaccines to children.


The four parts of the UK have moved at differing paces in administering vaccines and imposing coronavirus restrictions.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week that all remaining domestic restrictions in England, including the legal requirement for infected individuals to self-isolate, could be lifted within weeks.

England has already scrapped most restrictive measures, such as mandatory face masks and vaccine passports for entering nightclubs and large events.

Scotland has taken a more cautious approach. Face coverings still are required in indoor public spaces and nightclubs check vaccine passports. (AP)