Video shows a Russian soldier diving out of the way of a drone, which then explodes just behind him

Video shows a Russian soldier diving out of the way of a drone, which then explodes just behind him
Composite image showing stills from the video, one as the drone targets the figure and another as it explodes on the ground nearby.Telegram/105th Infantry Regiment; Business Insider
  • A video shows a figure running from a drone and almost being hit, before it explodes nearby.
  • The Russian unit that posted the video said the man was part of its corp fighting in Ukraine.

Footage appears to show a Russian soldier dodging a Ukrainian drone that's targeting him, before it hits the ground nearby and explodes.

The 105th Infantry Regiment of the Donetsk People's Republic 1st Army Corps, which is part of Russia's armed forces, shared the video on Telegram on January 14, claiming it showed a soldier in the corps.

It said the soldier lured the drone toward him, and then dodged out of its way.

In the video, the lone figure can be seen standing on snow-covered ground and shooting at something off-screen. A drone then enters the frame, and the soldier tries to run from it.

The man then stumbles or dives to the ground, with the drone just missing him. It hits the ground nearby and explodes.


The soldier then gets up and walks away.

It's not clear how the soldier allegedly lured the drone, or why.

Russian outlet Izvestia reported on January 18 that it spoke to the soldier. Per the report, the man said there were three drones in the attack, and that one of them gave him a non-life-threatening injury when it exploded near him.

It is not clear if the drone that injured him was the one in the video.

Drones are being used in Russia's invasion of Ukraine more than in any other conflict in history.


Drones have been used by both sides to monitor troop and weapon movements, to direct attacks, and to attack with explosives.

One American fighting for Ukraine previously told Business Insider that the sheer number of drones in the sky is why the fighting has been compared so widely to the brutality of World War I.

He said drones had driven up the death toll and forced soldiers to build fortifications like trenches to try to defend themselves.

Footage captured during the fighting has shown Ukrainian drones blowing up a Russian hideout, chasing Russian soldiers, and dropping grenades on tanks.

In some cases, drones worth a few hundred dollars have taken out tanks that cost millions.


Russia and Ukraine are both ramping up their manufacturing and supply of drones, in a sign of how key they have become to the fighting.

James Patton Rogers, a drone warfare expert, told BI that what we're seeing in Ukraine is a new type of warfare, one that "is not going to go away just if the war in Ukraine was to stop. What we're seeing here is a feature of all future war."