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JCPenney Forced To Deny Tea Kettle Looks Like Hitler

JCPenney has officially denied that a tea kettle being advertised on a billboard on the 405 Interstate near Culver City, Calif., is intended to represent Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator during World War II.

The notion that the kettle looked a bit like the architect of the Holocaust caught on after someone posted a photo on Imgur, the photo sharing site, showing what the image of the kettle looks like if you squint at it.

Sure enough, a black sweep of hair, a moustache and a saluting "arm" appear, sort of.

The Telegraph wrote a story about it, and JCP responded in a tweet that said, "Certainly unintended. If we'd designed the kettle to look like something, we would've gone w/a snowman." (It's a rare day when a major retailer can get away with tweeting a Hitler joke — but JCP has pulled this off.)

Here's the Imgur photo:

Here's JCP's tweet:

JCPenney twitter hitler

JCPenney / Twitter