Mobile Advertising Business Will Grow To 18 Billion USD In 2014

Mobile Advertising Business Will Grow To 18 Billion USD In 2014It’s true. Mobile phone is the king of all gadgets. It is one technological platform that is used the most by any consumer. This is the reason why advertising on mobile phones has become even more important for marketeers. Gartner is out with its latest study, which says the advertising spending on mobile phones will jump to 18 billion USD, up from 13.1 billion in 2013.

As the number of smartphone shipment explodes, the advertisers will be scrambling to put their commercials and links on mobile phones in any form. In-app and game advertising is quite popular and will fuel the growth further. If you thought these numbers were big, then you have to hear what numbers the mobile advertising sector will hit in the coming years. Gartner’s report suggests that by 2017 the number will increase by over 130% to 41.9 billion USD in 2017.

All regions of the world will experience strong growth in mobile advertising spend. North America is the place where most of the spending will happen, due to the scale of its publicity budgets and their shift to smartphones. In emerging markets around the globe like Latin America and Eastern Europe the market will grow in accordance to mobile phone adoption rate. Our bet is India will contribute in large quantity to this advertising platform. The mobile adoption rate here is healthy and one can expect the mobile advertising industry to grow by good numbers.