Nearly 400 government jobs likely for domain experts from the private sector

Nearly 400 government jobs likely for domain experts from the private sector

  • The Indian government is hiring private sector experts for administrative posts.
  • The plan is to hire 400 domain experts from the corporate industry.
  • Niti Ayog will hire 54 private sector employees for flexi-pool posts.
The Indian government is luring experts from the private sector to boost efficiency in the administration process — and fill 400 jobs.

Government posts like Joint Secretary(JS), lower Deputy Secretary(DS) and Director level positions in the Central government, might be soon belong to private sector professionals, if the proposal goes through, The Indian Express reported.

Traditionally, candidates who pass out of the three all-India services — IAS, IPS and IFS — were considered for such job roles. The others in running were also from 37 participating services like — railways, income tax, telecom and custom services amongst others.
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There are a total of 650 posts at the Director level and this move is expected to transition nearly 60% of these jobs— including 400 vacant positions to domain experts, Financial Express reported citing officials from the Department of Personnel & Training.

The department is mulling a process to evaluate private sector employees to fill the senior talent pool, it added.

The government has been facing talent shortage in top roles. Niti Ayog, a government think tank is also considering hiring 54 private sector employees for “flexi-pool posts” — which was earlier reserved for consultants.

Recently, the Indian government inducted nine private sector employees as joint secretaries in various departments via Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). Until then, the joint secretaries were recruited from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) cadre officers.

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