Psy, Five For Fighting, and 15 other 2-hit wonders who have all but disappeared

Psy, Five For Fighting, and 15 other 2-hit wonders who have all but disappeared

Psy Gangnam Style


Why don't we hear PSY, Marky Mark, and Dido on the radio anymore?


• Everyone talks about one-hit wonders in the music business, but two-hit wonders also exist.

• These artists managed to put out two chart-topping hits, but failed to consistently repeat that success later on.

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• The list includes the artists behind hits like "Bust a Move" and "Gangnam Style."

For some musical acts, a lasting string of hits just isn't in the cards.


Everyone talks about one-hit wonders, but there are two-hit wonders out there, too. These artists were able to put out two smash hits, and then failed to match that chart-topping glory later on.

Of course, declaring someone a "two-hit wonder" is inherently subjective. A band or an artist can have a brief brush with the mainstream, but continue to appeal to a niche audience or maintain a lasting influence in a specific genre.

This particular list is also focuses on US charts, and only draws upon the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The chart measures the physical and digital sales, radio play, and online streaming of singles in the United States. Plenty of the people mentioned within the article found - or continue to find - consistent success in Europe, Asia, and beyond. They've just been largely forgotten by American audiences.

What's more, putting out two hit singles is more than most of us can say.

So here's a look at some famous two-hit wonders across the years: