Salesforce will sell its employee training tools to other companies so they can be more like Salesforce

Salesforce will sell its employee training tools to other companies so they can be more like Salesforce

Marc Benioff

Business Insider

Salesforce CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff

  • On Tuesday, Salesforce launched a gamified learning platform called myTrailhead, which will allow companies to create their own content to train employees in tech, business and soft skills, as well as help them onboard.
  • Salesforce had been using a similar platform called Trailhead within its company to train employees and promote a culture of learning.
  • This is the first time Salesforce is selling training software that can be personalized for companies to use.

Within Salesforce, employees learn new tech, business and soft skills through a gamified learning platform that they can earn badges from.

Now, Salesforce wants to expand it to other companies and allow them to personalize it with a platform called myTrailhead announced Tuesday. This would be the first time Salesforce is getting into personalized learning software.

"This is a new world of learning experience platform," Sarah Franklin, EVP of Developer Relations and GM of Trailhead at Salesforce told Business Insider. "This is a whole new market that we're opening. We're leading the way in how companies create this culture of learning and focus on the learning experience of their employees."

Franklin says that Salesforce CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff made a major push in focusing on learning as part of the company's culture. Originally within the company, Salesforce created Trailhead, a gamified learning platform to help its employees can earn badges and credentials for learning business and tech skills, as well as soft skills.


Now, with myTrailhead, companies can create their own courses with their own content and branding. It can also help with onboarding and to match people with the projects they have the best skills for.

Franklin says she has seen more companies investing in helping their employees build new skills, and she also sees learning platforms as a way to reskill the workforce, instead of laying employees off and spending time and resources in hiring new ones.

"We believe that we should make it easy for people to learn our technology," Franklin said. "We've seen that be a recipe for our success. We believe that if we focus on our customer success, we will also be successful."

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Salesforce had previously also expanded Trailhead outside the company as a free platform for people to learn how to use Salesforce's software, as well as skills for using software from Google, Amazon and more. To date, it has 1.2 million learners.


myTrailhead costs $25 per users each month, and it's an add-on to Salesforce licenses.

"People that are learning in their workplace are happier, healthier and more productive. This was an anchoring concept in how important it was for companies to invest," Franklin said."When we look at the landscape today, Salesforce was a unique company that had invested in this culture of learning."