18 everyday items that are dirtier than your toilet seat


cutting chopping board knives knife

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This chopping board could be dirtier than your toilet seat.

Science has already declared men's beards are dirtier than a toilet seat.


But did you know your chopping board or light switch could be just as filthy?

That's according to a new infographic from Plumb World Blog showing 18 everyday objects that have more germs than many of us feel comfortable thinking about.

Turns out, your handbag could have three times more germs than a toilet seat, your money might be coated in up to 200,000 bacteria, and an elevator button could be 40 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Perhaps even more troubling are the details surrounding things we use to clean ourselves - faucet handles, toothbrushes, towels, and even laundry machines are all on this list.


Of course, just because something has bacteria doesn't mean it will make you sick - it's possible to clean everything on this list.

Keep scrolling to see the full infographic, courtesy of Plumb World Blog.

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