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Dating apps will be flooded with users this Sunday. Here's how to make your profile stand out.

Julia Naftulin   

Dating apps will be flooded with users this Sunday. Here's how to make your profile stand out.
  • This January 7 is Dating Sunday, the most-trafficked day for dating apps.
  • A profile refresh can help you score matches when more singles than usual are looking for a connection.

One of the most promising days for singles looking for love (or just a bit of fun) — called Dating Sunday — is nigh.

Falling on the first Sunday in January, Dating Sunday is historically the most-trafficked day for dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder, Business Insider previously reported.

It's unclear why so many singles flock to dating apps today. It could be related to post-holiday blues and bouts of loneliness, BI previously reported. Regardless of the reason, updating your profile before Dating Sunday could help you capture the attention of singles who are likely to sign on to the apps on January 7.

No matter your dating goals, anyone looking for a worthwhile match should follow certain guidelines when crafting their profiles. Dating coaches and matchmakers have helped dozens of singles put their best self forward over the past four years as part of Business Insider's Dating App Clinic series.

A great profile will help a potential match imagine what it's like to sit next to you on a date, enticing them to start a conversation and make the connection in real life, therapist and men's dating coach Sara Tick previously told BI.

Whether you're looking to overhaul your entire profile or refresh it with a few in-app prompts or photo changes, being specific yet concise with your words and calculated with your photograph choices can make a major difference when securing more, and higher-quality, matches.

BI rounded up experts' top tips on how to revamp your dating app profile, many of which take just a few minutes.

How to stand out in your dating app profile

When crafting a dating profile on an app or website, your goal is to intrigue fellow singles long enough that they pause, scroll through your details, and match with you to start a conversation, matchmaker Rori Sassoon previously told Business Insider.

But singles often make the mistake of creating profiles that read too generic and look unintentional, according to dating coach Erika Ettin. While it's impossible to avoid overlap with your competition when it comes to certain hobbies, brainstorming your unique interests and qualities can help you stand out from the rest, Tick said.

She suggested thinking about the following prompts to get your creative juices flowing:

  • On most weekends, you'll find me...

  • To me, the happiest place on earth is...

  • If you also love [topic or item] we will get along well.

  • To me, a perfect relationship involves…

  • I'm passionate about…

  • The qualities I seek in a partner are…

Write your bio like you're talking to a friend — but leave out the curse words

Often, singles have the most difficulty writing about themselves and conveying their uniqueness through words, Ettin told BI.

She said that your tone should be conversational but appropriate, so no sexual innuendos, suggestive puns or jokes, or curse words, Ettin said. She said that it's OK to share this side of yourself once you meet in person, but through a screen, potential matches could misconstrue these jokes and decide to skip out on your profile.

Instead, singles should keep things light and lean into curiosity, matchmaker Amy Nobile previously told BI. To do this, use adjectives to describe your personality, share a memory from a recent trip you took, or ask an open-ended question, according to Nobile.

Tap into creativity with built-in written prompts

In addition to describing your unique qualities in a written bio, you should also fill out provided prompts on apps like Bumble and Hinge.

These are opportunities to showcase what you're like in person, so don't use them to share something obvious or generic, like that your favorite food is pizza or that you spend Sundays watching football, according to Sassoon.

"A lot of people overly use certain quotes or pop culture references. 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends' are classics in their own right, but they do not differentiate you from a sea of vanilla profiles," Sassoon previously told BI.

Rather than write the first thing that pops into your head, try to get specific, sharing a bit about what you do in your free time, adjectives that describe your personality, and a nod or two to your sense of humor, according to Ettin.

Stand out with bright, clear, and simple photos

Your profile should have between five and six photos, which allows you to paint a good picture of who you are and what you enjoy, without boring potential matches, according to Ettin.

She tells all of her clients to hit the following categories when crafting their profiles:

  • A full-body shot. You should be fully clothed, so no swimsuits.

  • A close-up of your face where you're smiling, and without sunglasses or hats, which can obscure your appearance.

  • A photo of you doing something interesting, like an activity on vacation or an eye-catching hobby

  • A photo (or two) showing you in your element, like your local coffee shop, bookstore, soccer field, or park

If you don't already have crisp and clear options that fall into each of these categories, you should try your best to take new ones, Ettin said.

Matchmaker Thalia Ouimet always tells her clients to invest in a professional photography session, saying the cost is worth the quality and return on matches, BI previously reported.

But, if you can't afford one, enlisting a friend for a few shots can work, German Marin, a photographer who regularly coaches singles through sessions for their profiles, previously told BI.

To avoid awkward, overly posed shots, Marin suggested singles make a list of their top interests, places they like to spend time outside of their homes, and their dating goals. They should also pick out a few outfits that they feel powerful and comfortable wearing.

"If you get a lot of compliments in a certain outfit, definitely wear that one," Marin previously told BI.

When going out to take photos, consider an early-morning session to avoid glances from passersby, Marin said. He does this with his own clients who often feel self-conscious about photoshoots.

Delete mood-killers like negativity and voice notes

Dating apps regularly launch new features to add to your profile, like voice notes and videos. But using these could actually deter matches, according to Nobile.

She previously told BI that singles should avoid the voice memo and video features since they can unintentionally give potential matches the ick.

"They're another thing they have to analyze and it just becomes this multimedia puzzle where people are just like, 'Ugh.' They kind of give up," Nobile said.

Nobile also cautioned against sharing your negative opinions and dislikes in your profile. This includes avoiding built-in prompts that say things like " "You shouldn't go out with me if..."

According to Nobile, singles should focus on writing about who they are and what they want in a partner, not what they don't want.

Want more tips for making over your dating profile? Read BI's Dating App Clinic, a series where industry experts offer tailored profile advice for singles. Or, submit your own profile for a chance to have an expert review it and offer suggested updates.

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