Gilead sets a price for its coronavirus treatment — Pfizer's newest digital health bet — Reopenings reversed

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States and cities are starting to pause or reverse their plans to reopen as case counts spike. Here's the latest.


And the price for remdesivir is...

Early Monday, we got word on the official price of Gilead Sciences' coronavirus treatment remdesivir.

It clocks in at a price of $3,120 for a five-day treatment course, or $520 a vial, Andrew Dunn reports.

That's at least the price set for America's private insurers. For governments and organizations like the Department of Veteran Affairs, the price will be 33% lower, at $2,340 for a five-day treatment course.

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The biotech giant Gilead just laid out its pricing strategy for the first effective coronavirus treatment, and it's charging up to $520 a vial for remdesivir


A tiny startup just won a crucial deal with $175 billion drug giant Pfizer, and it shows how apps are becoming the next frontier as Big Pharma pushes beyond pills

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Investors just put $18 million into a GV-backed startup taking the opposite approach to healthcare data storage as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google

  • Research startup Owkin just raised an additional $18 million from investors including Mubadala Capital and existing investor Bpifrance, an investment bank.
  • Owkin's platform helps researchers learn from each other's data without actually sharing patient information, according to the company.
  • It's being used to solve coronavirus mysteries and runs counter to storage solutions offered by giant tech firms like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
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