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Gwyneth Paltrow shares her easy-to-replicate longevity tips

Joi-Marie McKenzie,Jordan Parker Erb   

Gwyneth Paltrow shares her easy-to-replicate longevity tips
  • This post originally appeared in the Insider Today newsletter.

Welcome back! It's officially spring break season — but this mom travels all year round with her family. Thanks to multiple streams of income, they've been to more than 57 countries!

If you're into the nomadic lifestyle, or if you'd rather stay put, keep scrolling for more of our best reads to live well — abroad or at home.

On the agenda:

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It's giving basic

The season's "must have" bag isn't Chanel, Dior, or even Gucci. Instead, it's (checks notes) a $2.99 Trader Joe's miniature tote that has shoppers in a frenzy.

We've been here before. Americans use consumer products as a source of connectivity, Business Insider's senior correspondent Emily Stewart writes.

As social creatures, we crave a sense of belonging and community. In a time when families are spread across the globe, and your best friends may live more in your group chats than your real life, items like Stanley Cups and tote bags make us feel connected.

They're also really fun. Plus, when you add in a dash of competition, you have a new status symbol worth less than a cup of coffee. Trader Joe's played into a scarcity model too, forcing consumers to scramble to find them.

There's good news for those who want to show off their own mini tote, however. TJ's said they'll be back in stock in late summer. Until then, the unlucky ones will have to collect their tears in their Stanleys, or wait for the next viral craze.

How Gwyneth Paltrow preps for a long life

For a woman known for selling items far out of reach of regular people — like a $1,049 gemstone heat therapy mat — Paltrow's longevity routine is refreshingly attainable.

The Goop founder told Business Insider she's focusing on sleeping well, minimizing stress, and consuming sugar and alcohol in moderation to help her live a long, healthy life.

Inside Paltrow's longevity plan.

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A tale of two safaris

The author has been on two glamping trips in Africa: A $1,100 lodge in South Africa, and a $4,000 all-inclusive experience in Tanzania.

Both stays were fun, and had their perks. But if your main objective is to see the animals, it's worth the splurge to be inside a private reserve. That way, you can get up close with the wildlife.

How the two experiences stack up.

Inside chef Duff Goldman's fridge

Ever wonder what celebrity chefs eat every day? Us too! That's why we asked the 49-year-old "Ace of Cakes" star to give us a tour of his fridge.

Goldman stocks his refrigerator with his "Jennifer Aniston Salad," chilling cookie dough, an assortment of condiments, and both oat and cow's milk.

See what else Goldman's eating.

Real estate's dirty secret

In a shady practice known as "steering," some real-estate agents may filter out listings with low commissions before passing them along to clients.

It's a tactic that may be keeping the cheapest homes out of your sight — and one that, thanks to a few multi-billion dollar lawsuits, could soon end.

The homes your agent doesn't want you to see.

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