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India might just be the cheapest option for queer couples looking to have a baby via IVF!

India might just be the cheapest option for queer couples looking to have a baby via IVF!
Starting a family is supposed to be a beautiful and rewarding life experience for those who choose to go down that path. But for many LGBTQ+ couples, this path is far from straight-forward and often riddled with thorns and obstacles, financial ones, in particular. Sperm donors, egg donors, surrogates or gestational carriers don’t come cheap, after all.

As per multiple reports, more and more same-sex couples are turning to treatment options like in vitro fertilisation (IVF) over more traditional routes like donor insemination. And, to no one’s surprise, they do face immense inequality in the healthcare and insurance systems as well. While this affliction is no doubt affecting queer people worldwide, those in the US have reportedly found it more difficult to receive fertility coverage than heterosexual couples.

For the unversed, IVF is expensive, to say the least — and we’re talking thousands-of-dollars-expensive. On average, an IVF cost in the US for a single cycle starts from $18,000. The inclusive cost covers 1 IVF + 1 Transfer of own eggs and 1 IVF with an egg donor, which will cost $25,000, roughly over ₹20 Lakhs! And low success rates of such procedures worldwide make this a fairly huge gamble.

But all’s not lost yet. Recently, ranked various countries globally to shed light on a global landscape of options for queer couples looking at IVF in hopes of empowering them to find the right fit for their budget and desired outcomes.

Turns out, for those working with a tight budget, India might be the most pocket-friendly option. IVF procedures using donor sperm can be as low as $2,095, making it a prime destination for affordability. With a success rate averaging 40%, this makes it a great option for budget-conscious couples.

France offers a sweet spot between affordability and IVF success rates. While costs are double at $4,600, the success rates climb to 60% here. This balance makes it a strong contender, especially in Europe. Another European destination offering a similar balance is Greece. IVF using one's own eggs costs around $3,450, with the success rate being 57.9%. Similarly, Latvia offers affordable donor sperm and moderate success rates, attracting cost-conscious couples seeking positive outcomes.

However, for those couples that can take the financial burden, North Cyprus might be the best option. With a staggering 80% success rate, this Turkish destination boasts the highest in the world. While IVF with own eggs cost $3,162.00, the procedure costs around $13,800.00 with donor eggs.

Other great options include Denmark, with its excellent healthcare system and competitive IUI pricing, and Finland, due to its social healthcare system adding another layer of security.

But it is important to note that this ranking based on costs is just a starting point, Couples must take into account travel logistics and prioritise consultations with fertility specialists. We wish LGBTQ+ couples luck with finding their right fit for building a family.

To see the full research and more detailed data please visit this link.

The research was conducted by Emisil; access their website here. Content discretion is advised.


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