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Insider Today: Why we don't exercise

Joi-Marie McKenzie   

Insider Today: Why we don't exercise
  • This post originally appeared in the Insider Today newsletter.

Happy Saturday! Sleep is the newest ultimate luxury item. Here's one millionaire's five-step guide to sleeping like a baby.

On the agenda:

But first: There are a loooooot of people on tour right now.

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This week's dispatch

The concert conundrum

It's never been easier to see your favorite artist perform live. There are too many acts on tour right now: Olivia Rodrigo, Luke Combs, Megan Thee Stallion, and even Justin Timberlake. The list goes on.

With so many musicians on tour, the space is getting crowded. Some acts are even cutting back on tour stops or canceling their tours altogether thanks to low ticket sales, Business Insider's Emily Stewart reported.

Take JLo, for example. She recently canceled her forthcoming tour, telling fans she was "devastated." The Black Keys also scaled down their stadium tour, opting instead for smaller venues. Both are apparently having a hard time selling tickets.

It doesn't help that ticket prices are at an all-time high, averaging around $123. Whew! With inflation, no budget is immune to feeling the pinch.

Not everyone is losing, though. If you can believe it, Taylor Swift is still on tour and selling out, and Beyoncé, when she was on the road, didn't have a problem selling tickets either.

Travel "buddies"

With laws against homosexual activity in some countries, this author and his husband sometimes have to pose as "buddies" while traveling.

The pair can pass as straight. They both have long beards and regularly wear baseball caps and cargo shorts. But they don't want to have to limit their opportunity to see the world due to their sexual orientation.

This is the cost of traveling while gay.

Why we skip exercise

It's a trope to say you shouldn't tell a depressed person to get outside and go for a walk. That's probably true to some extent, but the author says encouragement from friends to get up and move when they were struggling with depression saved them.

An abundance of research shows that exercise is good for depression. But it's rarely mentioned when discussing the mental health crisis.

The secret to finally getting yourself to work out.

Instead of Europe, try… Florida?

You don't have to leave the country to get a taste of Europe this summer. St. Augustine, Florida, can give you a glimpse of Spain without the cost of international flights.

St. Augustine, the oldest city in the US, is filled with Spanish architecture, food, and Sangria. The Florida-based author says it's the perfect dupe for a European vacation.

Explore St. Augustine.

Gentle parenting goes bye-bye

Whether you call it gentle parenting, intentional parenting, or mindful parenting, the concept remains widely the same. It aims to replace an "authoritarian" form of child-rearing with one grounded in empathy and negotiation.

But parents have begun to realize the time- and energy-intensive method is producing decidedly ambiguous outcomes. What they hoped would produce well-adjusted kids actually built little monsters.

How gentle parenting went bust.

What we're watching this weekend

  • "Hit Man": Glen Powell stars in Richard Linklater's romantic dark comedy about a fake hitman who becomes entangled with a woman trying to hire him.
  • "Perfect Match": Netflix's dating show — featuring a smorgasbord of reality stars from the streamer's other series — is back for a second season.
  • "Becoming Karl Lagerfeld": Daniel Brühl plays the legendary designer in a new biographical drama.

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