A Boeing employee has tested positive for coronavirus in Washington

A Boeing employee has tested positive for coronavirus in Washington
Boeing 777 factory
  • A Boeing employee in Washington has tested positive for the coronavirus, the company said late Monday.
  • Coworkers of the affected employee have been asked to self-quarantine and monitor for any symptoms, Boeing said.
  • Any other workers who are able to telecommute have also been asked to work from home.
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Boeing said late on Monday an employee at its Everett facility in Washington state has tested positive for the coronavirus and has now been quarantined.


"As a precaution, we've asked all coworkers of the employee who were in close contact to remain home to self-quarantine and self-monitor,"the company said.

The company also said that it's "asked employees in the Puget Sound region who are able to perform work offsite to telecommute from home."

Boeing's confirmed case of the novel coronavirus - which has now reached more than 115,000 cases worldwide, with 755 of those in the United States - comes on the one-year anniversary of the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, which killed all 157 people on board. That incident led to the global grounding of Boeing's 737 Max jet as well international investigations that have largely blamed Boeing software for the crash.

Shares of Boeing were up about 4% in early trading Tuesday as global stock found slight relief from reported plans by the White House to offer an economic stimulus to after a massive market selloff.


(Reporting by Aakriti Bhalla in Bengaluru; editing by Uttaresh.V)

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