Ultra-wealthy New Yorkers are demanding quarantine supplies delivered by helicopter to The Hamptons

Ultra-wealthy New Yorkers are demanding quarantine supplies delivered by helicopter to The Hamptons
Blade Helicopter New York City

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A Blade helicopter lands in New York City

  • Blade, an "Uber-for-helicopters," says its ferrying quarantine supplies between New York City and The Hamptons for people who've decided to try and escape the spread of coronavirus.
  • Some wealthy families have shelled out big bucks to stock up on premium food and supplies in the usually seasonal enclave.
  • The company also said it would work to accommodate people who needed supplies but couldn't afford Blade's expensive services.
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As some of New York's wealthiest families hunker down in The Hamptons, an ultra-wealthy enclave east of Manhattan, Blade is looking to cash in.

The on-demand helicopter service said Thursday that it would offer weekly deliveries between Manhattan and East Hampton, to which it already offers shuttle flights in addition to its airport services.

"We have received many requests from individuals and families who are staying for an extended period on Long Island to have critical items and other goods delivered from the New York City area," the company said in an email. The deliveries are set to begin Friday and will prioritize medicine and other "health-related items."


Pricing depends on the item to be delivered, and door-to-door service is available.

"You may request other deliveries for your extended stay such as clothing, electronics, food for specialized diets, school materials, etc," Blade said.

Individuals or organizations in need of supplies but cannot afford Blade's services are also encouraged to contact the company to discuss accommodations, it said.

Blade did not respond to a request from Business Insider for comment.

As Business Insider's Alisa Wolfson reported Thursday, as New York City went into a de-facto lockdown, with bars, restaurants, gyms, and most non-essential businesses closed, many wealthy residents headed east to their vacation homes.


In the Hamptons, usually a seasonal getaway on Long Island, some families shelled out thousands of dollars on frozen steaks, personal respirators, poolside margarita deliveries, and oxygen concentrators.

If those run short, Blade is ready and is still offering its usual shuttle flights back to Manhattan. Flights run anywhere from $600 to $800 for the 40-minute flight.

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