DRDO has developed a facial recognition system that claims to see through masks and disguise

DRDO has developed a facial recognition system that claims to see through masks and disguise
  • Ministry of Defence introduces 75 newly-developed AI-enabled defence products.
  • The AI-enabled facial recognition system can help identify low-resolution images and those in disguise.
  • AI-enabled facial recognition will be deployed in secure and restricted zones for continuous surveillance and monitoring of disturbed areas.
A groundbreaking artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition system that can identify people wearing masks has been deployed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This AI-based facial recognition system can also identify people with disguises like beards, moustaches, wigs, sunglasses, headscarves, monkey caps, hats, on even low-resolution images in public places.
The Ministry of Defence (MoD), in its latest report titled 'AI in Defence', revealed a ‘Face Recognition System under Disguise’ (FRSD). According to the report, FRSD aims to identify anti-social elements with or without disguise in low-resolution surveillance camera feeds.
According to the report, the FRSD algorithm has been trained so that the face recognition system can see through several disguises. Apart from the disguises, the FRSD system also considers different lighting conditions, shadows on the face, and crowd occlusions, to identify the faces.
Instead of human eyes, FRSD relies on algorithms to identify the person from low-resolution surveillance cameras. Security agencies can also use FRSD algorithm for robust face searches across highly organised databases.

Use cases of ‘Face Recognition System under Disguise’

As per the report, the FRSD system can be deployed in secure and restricted zones for live video surveillance like airports, railway stations, bus stations, dense marketplaces and more. Additionally, the system can be used for monitoring border crossing points.
Further, the system is said to ensure seamless scalability across different servers to maximise and support multiple surveillance cameras. The system supports additional surveillance applications like fire detection, geo-fencing, people counting, and collision detection.

Project Seeker

This is another facial recognition system developed by DRDO. The seeker system is an AI-based facial recognition, monitoring, surveillance and analysis system that will be used to identify and track counter-terrorism threats along with continuous monitoring and surveillance of disturbed areas.
This AI-powered facial recognition system process data from various sources to identify and track the movement of terrorists and anti-national elements. The system comes with a unique set of features; it works seamlessly without an internet connection and is equipped with multiple data security, and deep learning facial recognition algorithms.

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