Ufologist claims the ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid will strike somewhere over Europe

Ufologist claims the ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid will strike somewhere over Europe
Artist's concept of a near-Earth objectNASA

  • Ufologolist Michael Horn claims that the 'God of Chaos' will strike Europe, the area between the North Sea and the Black Sea, when it visits Earth in 2029.
  • Horn believes the impact with crack the Earth open and let out massive gases, which would results in deaths within the immediate area.
  • NASA, on the other hand, claims that there is only a one in 45,000 chance that Apophis will be crash into the planet.
The asteroid Aphophis — nicknamed the ‘God of Choas’ — will be zooming past the Earth in 2029.

And if it crashes into planet instead, it will be somewhere over Europe, according to Michael Horn — a research scientist and representative for Billy Meier, a ufologist.

Horn told the Express that he has the impact area narrowed down to between the Black Sea, which is on the eastern end of Europe, and the North Sea, which is in the northwest bordering the UK, Denmark and Norway.

Ufologist claims the ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid will strike somewhere over Europe
Area between the North Sea and the Black Sea where Michael Horn believes the asteroid will strikeGoogle Maps

He also dismisses NASA’s claim that the likelihood of a collision is one in 45,000. He insists it’s a certainty.

The potential impact would be like 880 million tons of TNT exploding simultaneously. This would make it 65,000 times more destructive than the Hiroshima nuclear disaster.

Earth will crack open

Horn believes that not only will the asteroid crash into the Earth, it will also crack it open. The split in the planet’s crust will release gases resulting in the death of millions in the immediate area, he told the Express.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, doesn’t believe that an impact is likely but does believe that the Earth has no defence in such an event.

"A big rock will hit Earth eventually and we currently have no defence," he said commenting on ‘God of Chaos’.

NASA feels that the asteroid’s trajectory will definitely be affected by its close encounter will Earth and might even cause avalanches on the space object’s surface.

The planet is no stranger to asteroid fly-bys but Apophis isn’t like other asteroids. Discovered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 2004, it’s bigger than most asteroids with a diameter of 340 meters.

And, as it passes by, the ‘God of Chaos’ will be a little over 30,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface — a distance at which many spacecraft’s orbit the planet.

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