Seven Reasons Why Mangalyan Is India’s Best Space Mission

Seven Reasons Why Mangalyan Is India’s Best Space Mission
India successfully entered the Red planet orbit on Wednesday. And the sentiment attached to the mission is beyond emotional. BI India lists down 7 amazing reasons why Mangalyan has been India’s best space mission till date.

Successful Debut

After the successful completion of Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), India becomes the first country to achieve the feat on its maiden voyage. India is the fourth country after the US, European Space Agency and former USSR, and the first Asian country to successfully enter the planet.

Shoestring Budget

The entire MOM project was done in a budget of Rs 450 crore or a meager $72 million, a fraction of the budget that the NASA has spent on its newly-arrived MAVEN Mars mission. The budget of the entire project has left many of the critiques dumbstruck, who had called the project a waste of money. The budget of this interplanetary mission is less than Hollywood’s blockbuster ‘Gravity’.

Testifies India’s Prowess in Space Technology

NASA took five years to develop MAVEN. Interestingly, Mangalyaan project was developed and carried out in just 15 months, the shortest time to materialize any interplanetary missions. The minimal time taken to launch a crucial mission such as MOM has only displayed ISRO’s prowess in space exploration.

An Edge Over China In Technology

China’s maiden mission Yinghuo-1 to Mars failed after it crashed in 2011. India’s recent success only proves that it gains an edge over China when it comes to technology related to space-expeditions. And the entire credit goes to ISRO scientists.

Bring In More Investments

India’s success might attract funding from investors, who are looking at investing in technology. The government of India has already earmarked a budget of Rs 6,000 crore to ISRO for carrying out India’s space program.

Improve Life Conditions On Earth

Mangalyaan will be studying the Red planet and will look for Methane, an essential element for life. The spacecraft will be there for six months during which scientists will have the opportunity to understand Martian atmosphere and make use of the knowledge to address environmental issues in our planet.

Strengthen Relationships With Neighbours

You make friends when you are climbing up the success ladder. Hopefully, India will earn friends too. The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which ISRO has signed with China National Space Administration, at least suggests so. As per the MoU, both space agencies will cooperate with each other and make peaceful use of Space, thus strengthening ties between India and China.