Shout out to sales teams! You can increase your leads in just 3 ways. Here’s how

Shout out to sales teams! You can increase your leads in
just 3 ways. Here’s how "Growth hacking" is a buzz word we've all heard (regularly used by marketers) that is focused around enhancing efficiency and productivity to fuel growth.
However, it's not recently the marketing team that can benefit from growth hacking. Your sales team can and should take some of their techniques to accelerate the sales cycle and close more deals.

Referral System

What's the best source of advertising? Word of mouth. It's free, and individuals believe their friends more than a corporate message, regardless of how down to earth you might be.

A referral system boosts word of mouth advertising. It's also extraordinarily easy to set up. All you need to do is come up with rewards and advertise the way that you have them.


The art of the upsell is the art of getting a customer to buy more than they had the intention of buying. Amazon is a great case of this with their basic "customers also purchased" menu. The idea is to recommend to users that they buy something that compliments what they're already buying.

Follow up

Hubspot has an amazing free tool call Sidekick which permits you to see when someone's read one of your emails. This is great for sales, following up, and only for general interest. There are many tools like this one in the market.

While a few sales reps have been hesitant to grasp new technologies and social selling, the platforms available today are amazingly easy to use. These strategies simply skim the surface of growth hacking for sales and set you up to see the value of sales automation